Your kitchen is an Aladdin's cave of hidden equipment to shake your pornstar martini with!

Recently, we took the opportunity to talk to our customers about what they use to make our cocktails with - some of the answers really tickled us, so we thought we'd share! 

The Jam Jar - we are sure most of you will have a jam jar or old pasta sauce jar lying around or one that is almost finished. Simply wash it out (well), fill with ice and ingredients, screw the lid on tightly and shake hard!

Sports Bottle - Sports bottles need to be leak proof so they are perfect as a cocktail shaker - just make sure you close the spout first!

Protein Shaker - It's main use is to shake liquids, so why not use it to shake better liquids!

Biscuit Tin - This one needs a little bit of attention as they aren't always completely water tight. We found the best way is not really to 'shake' but to 'roll' the liquid and ice. Fill the tin with your cocktail and ice, push the lid on tightly, turn to the side and roll away - perfect to get rid of all those choccy tins after Xmas!

Coffee Flask - Another water tight container most of us have - you can fill these with ice and your cocktail ingredients, screw the lid on and give them a really good shake - most even have a little cup for drinking it from!

Milk Cartons - We are sure most households will have a carton of milk in the fridge. When it's empty why not wash it out and recycle it as a cocktail shaker!!

There you go! No excuses now!