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Piña Colada Kit

Piña Colada Kit Cocktail - Create up to 10 craft cocktails! Free next-day delivery.
What's in the Cocktail?

Spiced Rum, Coconut Rum and lime - the perfect blend!

Our 70cl Bottle will create 10 cocktails if you follow our guidelines! A measure is 25ml (a normal 'shot' in the UK). 
40cl bottles contain 6 cocktails.

ABV 26%

Freeze-Dried Fruit

Garnish your cocktails with 'Space Fruit' Each 70cl cocktail arrives with a complimentary bag ♥ (we'll choose for you depending on the cocktail but feel free to let us know in the delivery notes of which flavour you'd prefer.)

What's in the box, when it is delivered?

70cl bottle of our 'Piña Colada' & a bottle of pineapple juice. 
You need to buy some fresh coconut milk to go with this cocktail.

How to Pour

Add a triple measure of Piña Colada over ice, add a triple or double measure of Coconut Milk, add a single shot of pineapple juice. Shake for 45 seconds - strain into a glass of your choice.

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