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Strawberry Daiquiri Kit

Strawberry Daiquiri Kit Cocktail - Create up to 10 craft cocktails! Free next-day delivery.
What's in the Cocktail? 

White rum, strawberry liqueur, lime and strawberry syrup - warning, this is very sweet!

Our 70cl Bottle will create 10 cocktails if you follow our guidelines! A measure is 25ml (a normal 'shot' in the UK). 
40cl bottles contain 6 cocktails.

ABV 15%

Let's do the maths! If you buy a 70cl bottle; it works out at approx £3.20 a cocktail

Air-Dried Fruit

Garnish your cocktails with air-dried fruit. Each 70cl & 40cl cocktail arrives with a complimentary bag of air-dried garnish♥ (we'll choose for you depending on the cocktail but feel free to let us know in the delivery notes of which flavour you'd prefer.) We constantly change what we order in and we enjoy playing with different flavour profiles.

What's in the box, when it is delivered?

A bottle of our 'Strawberry Daiquiriin the size you have chosen some air-dried fruit garnish. (20cl cocktails do not arrive with garnish) - you may want to serve with crushed ice or blend.

Is this a gift?

Why not add a personalised tag? You can add a message to make your gift more special.

How to Pour

Add a quad measure of Strawberry Daiquiri over ice. Shake for 45 seconds - strain into a glass of your choice. You may want to use crushed ice or blend this cocktail.

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