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Fruits for Drinks

Water removed, nothing added - just fruit.Dehydrated fruit is dead, where freeze-dried fruit stil...

Water removed, nothing added - just fruit.
Dehydrated fruit is dead, where freeze-dried fruit still has all of its flavour!


Our fruit not only matches the flavour of fresh fruit but its texture allows for faster flavour transfer to the drink.


9 month best before allows you to store your fruit in a cupboard without worrying about spoilage. No more fridges are full of clingfilm, tubs and fruit.


Eliminate fruit waste. All our fruit is used and any cuts not perfect for your drinks are used in other flavouring applications.

Freeze-dried fruits should be stored in your cupboard at room temperature and if stored at less than 25º have a shelf life/best before of up to 9 months.

To get the best immediate performance from your fruits for drinks place the fruit in the glass, add your alcohol, add the ice and then the mixer, by the time you are ready to drink, your fruits will have released their amazing flavours and turn dull to delightful.

Approximately 20 servings 

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