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Online Cocktail Masterclass

It's a special occasion, everyone lives in different parts of the country and zoom calls are BORI...

It's a special occasion, everyone lives in different parts of the country and zoom calls are BORING. We've got you!

The price of this product is per person/zoom, but there is alot to go around and people can share if they like! 

We are different from other businesses that offer this service. All our cocktails are pre-mixed but do require preparation when serving. We'll teach you real bartending skills and you'll learn how to make our cocktails like a pro - BUT - This is a fun zoom! We are here to get the party started and we'll leave before the chaos!

  • Welcome Drink (prosecco based)
  • 1x 20cl Cocktail of your choice (2-6 cocktails, depending on your choice)
  • 1x 20cl Wildcard Cocktail (at least 2 cocktails)
  • Air Dried Garnishes
  • Personalised Message Card (invitation)
  • 1x Secret Task...

The minimum amount of households in the zoom is 3 and there is no maximum. Everyone on the zoom must-have cocktails from us! (Yes, some people are that cheeky!)


We'll need to chat with the organiser over the phone - it's about getting to know what the event is, what kind of people are taking part and any fun intel you may tell us!

If you'd like to purchase this for multiple people at a time, we can help you with this. Buying it through the website repetitively may be very time consuming for you and it's quicker for us! Just get in touch -
If you don't mind going through the process yourself, no worries! We'll confirm order numbers with you before the event.

The last thing to do is to specify a date and time for the party! We'll confirm via email.

You need to provide a Zoom (or equivalent) link for us to join.

Any questions, please ask - we are capable of making this an entirely bespoke experience & we have additional extras available.

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