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White Russian Kit

White Russian Cocktail - Make up to 10 craft cocktails! - Premium Russian Standard Vodka, Kahlúa coffee flavoured liquor and vanilla syrup. Order online.
What's in the Cocktail?

Premium Russian Standard Vodka, Kahlúa coffee flavoured liquor and vanilla syrup.

Our 70cl Bottle will create 14 cocktails if you follow our guidelines! A measure is 25ml (a normal 'shot' in the UK). 
40cl bottles contain 8 cocktails & 20cl contains 4 cocktails.

ABV 24%

What's in the box, when it is delivered?

70cl, 40cl or 20cl bottle of our 'White Russian' - you'll need to supply your own milk.

How to Pour

Add a double measure over ice, add 4 shots of milk and shake for 3-4 seconds - strain into a glass of your choice.

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